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JOHN WOOD Where was he born ? HELP NEEDED


John WOOD born Yorkshire 11 February 1799

He is buried in New Harrisburg Cemetery Carroll Co. Ohio USA

And his gravestone says that he died on Nov 19th 1852 aged

53yrs 9mths 8days.


The first mention of John in the USA is in a land transaction in Harrison Township Ohio dated 1843. John was a Shoemaker by trade and this transaction was the purchasing of a Shoemakers Shop. For unknown reasons the shop was paid for by Joseph MORTON or MARTEN.

In the 1850 Census John (51) his wife Ann (59) and son Matthew (17) also a shoemaker are found on District 16 Harrison Township Carroll Co. Ohio all listed as born in England.


We have reason to believe that Ann was not Matthew`s mother and that his mother`s name was Sarah. We believe it most likely that John married his second wife Ann in England brfore departing for the USA.


Matthew Henry WOOD born Yorkshire 25 April 1832, we have comprehensive detail of Matthew`s life in the US, also family history tells us that his mother died when he was 11months old. In 1855 Matthew married Miss Sisson Hemming and in 1856 they relocated in Leon Iowa. He was engaged in the Shoemaking business there for 48 years and died Feb 8th 1905.

We think that Matthew visited England sometime between his fathers death in 1852 and his marriage in 1855. During this trip he is believed to have purchased a pair of clogs, which are either minature or a child`s size and these are still in the family. Two Photos of the Clogs and a sketch of the sole showing the markings are linked to this page in the hope that there may be a clue to their Origin.

We do not know what happened to his step mother Ann but in the 1860 Census she was living alone in Harrison Township Ohio.


We have searched the IGI and tracked down a number of the possible John WOOD`s. Searched Trade Directories for John WOOD Shoemakers. We have also consulted clog making experts and historians but all without success.

I would like to again, through this media, try to find the origin of the miniature clogs in the hope that this will ultimately lead to John WOOD`s birthplace.


All constructive comment and advice will be very much appreciated.


Colin Wood (email: colin.wood@gmx.co.uk)


Please have a look at these pictures.

Clogs.jpg Clogs2.jpg Clogs3.jpg


Updated September 14thth 2007.


UPDATE October 10th 2010

I have now discovered that Matthew Henry WOOD was baptised at Holy Trinity Church Holmfirth on June 3rd 1832.

So whilst this does not fully clear the mystery it will hopefully help to locate John WOOD`s birthplace in 1799. Who at the time of Matthew Henry`s birth resided at Underbank Cartworth near Holmfirth and his trade was Cordwainer.