The Birthplace of MLFHS was in the AVRO, later BAe Systems, Chadderton Factory.

Postal Address Greengate Middleton Manchester M24 1SA

As you look at the picture the blocks at the front of the building, the central block and the right hand block, are all offices. The block to the right of centre upper tier is where I believe the Society was originally formed in 1964, this was the Service Engineering Department combining Field Services and Technical Publications. Where R.G(Bob)Chorlton decided he would canvas his workmates on the prospect of forming a Family History Group. Early meetings were held in the Gardeners Arms Pub, some 300 or 400 yards to the right of this picture. The Pub is just over the border from Chadderton in New Moston Manchester.

This picture was taken circa 1980 and the area has seen much development since this time. For example the M60 motorway was cut down the right hand side of the factory and through the car park in the foreground. Behind the factory you will see the coal mound that ran the Slacks Valley Power Station, this has also gone and the site is now part of Broadway  Business Park in Chadderton

In the early part of 2007 BAe Systems started a partial demolition of their Chadderton factory. There is still a small BAe Systems presence in the building...........The BAe presence at this site will finally end between March and July 2012

October 8th. 2007 Colin Wood  (Updated March 20th 2012)